Enviromentalism as a Core Subject

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Petitions

We believe Environmentalism should be part of the National Curriculum from Junior Infants to a Leaving Cert choice.

There are so many subjects Environmentalism links to and children should be able to learn how to save their planet in a practical positive way.

The Climate Bill needs to include education and children need to be given the best chance to save their future and their children’s future, so this is another positive step to saving the planet.

There is so much fear around Climate Change, we need to make it positive and face it full on with strong actions.

We are all about positivity and ‘we can do this’ attitude, that is how Climate Change should be looked at, too many people sweep it under the carpet with fear, we need to face the reality and give the children the best chance at saving their future. We believe this subject should be a practical subject which will make it fun and promote strong mental health which is always a concern for children these days.

Please support us and get our message to the Daíl and the Department of Education.

Sign the petitition here

Quote form Mary Robinson: ‘Hope Energises, Fear Paralyses’

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