The Pink Plastic Cups

Hi everyone Flossie here hope you are all having a great week so far ! and I hope you have been picking up all the rubbish you have found on the beach! but most importantly in only 21 days it will be the 15th of February which means………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. WE ARE HAVING A SCHOOL STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are going to try to get every school in Ireland to strike outside their school so please remember if you know a school or you go to a school that hasn’t agreed to it yet, try to convince them to strike for one hour on Friday February 15th and if they say ‘no’ try again with a group of friends because the more of you the more powerful!!!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday my Mum, my friend Anna and a second year student called Liam and I went on a great rat infested beach clean which freaked both my Mum and my friend out!!!!!!! on the beach clean we found one of those giant plastic builders bags which was broken and stuck on a rock so sadly we could not get it outimg_6903

We found a pink scarf with real grapes stuck to it which my friend and I thought was hilarious!


7 Plastic pink cups which said quite clearly on the bottom recyclable


Two very new plastic bags one from Tesco and one from Super Valuimg_6912 And you will never guess what another shopping trolley in the exact same place as last time and the time before that!!!!!!!!!


  Then of course we found a pair of pants!!!img_6913
Thank you so much for helping Anna and Liam! [Please remember Anna is scared of rats]


Today my Granny arrived for Grandparents day at school and I am so excited and happy!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for coming!

On Saturday I gave a talk at the Childrens Climate Change rally which was so, so awsome and fun and my friend Anna came and so did my friend Abby img_6733It  was so cool! I was on first and I made a great friend who was also talking also and she was 11 just like me! She was talking about becoming a vegetarian to help Climate Change! It was so much fun and Mary Robinson came too, but saldy I missed her!

There was a tiny problem  because for some people the micro phone didn’t work but everyone managed to say there speech anyway!!! It was so fun to talk there and thank you so much for having me ‘Climate Case Ireland’  


On Saturday I was in the Irish times which was so amazing and fun and I am with so many other great Irish environmentalists!

img_6716This weeks story is called ‘ Plastic Horse Shoes’ hope you like it!!!!!!!

Once upon a time there lived a young horse who was brought up to wear very uncomfortable horse shoes which he wore, but they really made his hoofs hurt alot. The horse’s name was Pinky, Pinky was a really fast horse but yet he always came in 2nd place which made his owner annoyed and it made poor Pinky sad , Pinky’s owner always wondered what was wrong with Pinky because she was always so slow on the track and so fast everywhere else when she was not wearing her horse shoes!

One night Pinky’s owner had, had enough and told Pinky to come back to the stables so  he could work out what was wrong and fix it! Sad, lonely and worried Pinky walked to the beach and sat on the sand, when all of a sudden she saw an angry little crab, so Pinky said:

Hi I am Pinky whats your name?

Then the crab said in a angry voice:

My name is Jack

Then Pinky asked the crab why he was angry and he replied:

Because all those stupid big shot humans keep dropping pink plastic cups on my beach!

Pinky was confused she was sure that the crab didn’t own the beach 

Do you really own the beach?

Well of course I do everyone knows the crab law, If a crab walks on it they own it!!!!!

Pinky pretended to understand but she really didn’t have a clue what he was talking about… after a while the crab finally asked Pinky why she was so sad, so Pinkey explained everything and how she thinks it is all her stupid horse shoes fault! Then the crab realised they might be able to work together but when he explained that to Pinky she did not understand at all ! So the Crab just showed her! First he told her to sit down and then he got 4 of the pink plastic cups and put them on Pinkys hoofs but Pinky still didn’t understand! So the crab just told Pinky to run instead, so she did and when she was running she realised how comfortable the plastic pink cups were and how fast she was going so she immediately went back to the stables and showed her owner! 

The next day she was racing again but this time she was going so fast that she won she came in 1st place finally! (and the crab made an amazing business selling all the plastic cups that landed on his beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and everyone lived happily ever after, because the palstic was being re-used instead of washed back out to sea!!

The End!

This week’s video is really short but cute it is a potato cod hope you like it!!!!!!!!


Hope you liked this weeks bloge bbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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