Hi everyone Flossie here hope you are all having a good week so far. This is going to be my last blog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am only joking my next blog will be in 2019! Any way let’s get on with this weeks blog!

On Wednesday my Mum and I went on a beach clean, which started off boring but then it got pretty cool……………………….This week we found : A car batteryimg_5729

A case for your glasses [It looks more like a case you would put your ring in when you are about to propose]

img_5728img_5727A part of a lobster pot [ which looks like I am in prison in this picture!]img_5724What we are hoping is a giant emerald [my Mum found it on the beach we are really hoping its a big rock of emerald!]img_5726And loads moreimg_5732img_5731img_5730

This year for the first time in my whole life I did a nativity play and I was the star. My Mum made the costume out of bamboo from the garden and Christmas lights we had in the house. It was SO much fun !!img_5670My good friend Katie was told in class as homework she had to do a report on someone who is making a difference in the world and she was so, so kind as she chose me!!!  she did an amazing job, thank you so much Katie !!!a24b7de4-ade8-41cd-9789-e1d0d4b7b189This week just to let you all know my Ted X talk is out on the internet in case you want to see it.img_5685When I finished my nativity play my Mum and I went outside government buildings in town because a lovely lady Lorna Gold was orgnanising a really cool Climate Change carol  concert where we got to sing Christmas carols. Lorna wrote about what’s going on in the world. We got to sing loads of cool songs like ‘Oh Christmas Tree How Plastic Are Your Branches’ and loads of other funny songs! It was great fun.img_5792It was so much fun and I met so many cool people there and they made tiny little cool stockings which they  knitted and then they hung them up on the gates.  They had politicians names on who are ignoring the problem! It was so much fun and Lorna will be doing a rally every Friday the same as Greta Thunberg so it would be great if some people could come. Hope you can make it !img_5794img_5789

On Monday my Mum and I went to the Irish Times where I got to do a photo shoot with loads of really cool people who are making a difference in Ireland.img_5667I am really excited because today my Granny is coming over from England to spend Christmas with us, [so see you later if you are reading this!]

This weeks story is called’ The Mermaid Who Loved To Recycle]

Once upon a time there lived a mermaid called Ruuuubish, Ruuuubish was a lovely mermaid but nobody understood her because when ever people would throw rubbish in the sea Ruuuubish would swimm after the rubbish pick it up and bring it home! The other mermaids would look at it and would say in a sweet and simple vice


Ruuuubish would bring the rubbish home and would re-cycle it and use it for different things thinking this is what the humans did with it! Then she would try to sell it to the other mermaids, but no-one would buy it!

One day some fishing line came down into the water and Ruuubish found it and immediately thought ‘I wounder what the humans use this for?’ then she said ‘it’s so obvious, they obviously use it as clothing’ so Ruuuubish got to work and made all of that fishing line and net into clothes then she began to sell them but no-one would by them………….UNTIL King Plastik Plastik was walking by and said

-Oh that looks lovely how much is it, it would look amazing on me and only me!

So King  Plastik Plastik bought some of the clothes and like fish-sheep all the mermaids did the exact same thing. Ruuuubish became rich an famous 

The End….or is it

but then all the mermaids started to feel unwell because they started to get stuck and there tails were getting tangled in the fishing line and net and  was strangling them…. all of a sudden Ruuubish know longer felt happy she felt sad and scared and wondered how to help any of the mermaids……………… But then something came down from heaven, a plastic bottle! The plastic bottle was broken which made it sharp so Ruuuubish freed and saved all the mermaids and when she used the amazing plastic bottle to free everyone a tiny bit of the plastic bottle fell off to make glitter which made the moment magical! To all the mermaids this was amazing…but we know how bad this is !!!!!

The End

Do you all remeber last year I played you a song well here it is again especially for Christmas!!!!


Have a great Christmas everyone, make sure you re-cycle all your wrapping paper!!!!

See you next year and thank you for following me and I can’t wait to see the difference we can make next year!!!!

Lots of Love Flossie



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