I Am In !!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here and I have some amazing news 


I have been dying to get into this secondary school and I have finally been accepted after 3 years!!! I AM SO HAPPY….

On Monday my Mum my Dad and I went to Trinity because I was asked to talk there along with other people who had some amazing talks for example: Mary Robinson the most important lady in Ireland and she konws everything about Climate Change.img_4841



An amazing women called Hindou who comes from Chad in Africa, I am hoping that I get to make contact with some children from Chad’s country.img_4836img_4852And the one the only Dr Cara Augustenberg who I met at the Dalkey Book Festival because she was also talking and I also saw her when we did a joint talk at Christ Church and then I met Cara at Trinity as well…img_4893Before the conference started there was a mini exhibition and I tried on a virtual reality helmet where I went to Vietnam and wathed this girl go about her everyday life playing with her friends It was so cool that my Mum decided that we would film our next trip and when we are cleaning the beach we can film it and send it to the company and they can make it into virtual reality movie for kids to watch when the charity is set up then the kids can see  what the plastic river is really like.img_4832After that we went to the French Ambassadors house where my nose led me to the food… they had my favourite food crab claws, I had so many!!!!!! [ but since I had to go to school in the morning we had to leave but it was so much fun!img_4850img_4847

On Saturday I did a beach clean on the clothes beach where loads of people showed up and helped us. THANK YOU!!

On the beach we found: a shoe,


a bit of scooba gogglesimg_4773

A railing

img_4778and a piece of legoimg_4780And loads more !img_4779img_4782Last week I was talking about the amazing ‘Bin Straps’ well we finally got them on our bin and they are perfect you really need one to stop the rubbish flying across the streets but I am tired of writing so so mini Flossie will take over now…If you want to buy some got: Binstrap.com

If you all remember my blog about the amazing shampoo bars, I have some news on them, the lovely lady who made them [Val] is now selling them in Blackrock Market so definitely buy one!!!!!

On last weeks beach clean I found this part of a fish on the beach and I think it might be part of a BLOBFISH tell me what you thinkphoto 1img_4768

This weeks story is called [BlobPlastik] 

Ones upon a time King Plastik Plastik was swimming along and then he realised that he had just swam into blobfish [ Back in high school Blobfish was the most popular kid in school probally because he was so handsome unlike King Plastik Plastk] They have been arch enemy’s for a long time and they always want to lead there country’s into war but then they are reminded that it is not right so they can’t do it!

When they bumped into each other the Blobfish smiled and then swam off, and from that one smille King Plastik Plastik got the idea of playing a prank on him because he thought that smille was threatening !!!! So that night he sneeked into his house and put loads of plastic in his bed then the next night Blobfish put loads of cans in King Plastik Plastik’s bed and this went on for 20 nights and then they decided that they wanted to go into war so King Plastik Plastik prepared his army for battle by telling them

‘If you don’t win I will feed you to the sharks, GOOD LUCK!’ 

and Blobfish prepeared his army by saying:

‘When you come back from war you all get milk and cookies, UNLESS YOU LOSE AND IF


So they went into war which for them was pretty much pretending to hit each other but not really doing it because nobody wanted anyone to be be eaten by a shark! Then it all came down to Blobfish and King Plastik Plastik,  they had a staring contest to see who could out stare each other, this stairing contest lasted 3 and a half hours without any one blinking but then they both realised that they could not remember why they hated each other even if Blobfish was trying to make peace at the beginning when he smiled at him. Since they could not remeber what this argument was about they decided to forgive each other and become friends

img_4768img_4900The End

Hope you liked this weeks blog BBBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jean McCool says:

    Congratulations Flossie! I loved reading about this week’s exciting adventure where you met such amazing people in Trinity College. I’m sure they were very delighted to meet you too!
    I know how much you were hoping to get into St Andrew’s so I’m very glad this has worked out for you.
    Jean 😊


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