A Busy Week!

Hi everyone Flossie here hope you all are having a good week so far, I have had a really busy week !!!!!!!! as you all know on Thursday I got to go to the opening of Barnardos in Dalkey then after that I went to the Pak-Man awards with my Mum and Dad. On Friday I had to get up at 7 o clock in the morning to go to the Ted talk, On Saturday I relaxed then I went to Eddie Rockets to meet up with people who did the Ted Talk, Sunday relax, Monday relax, Tuesday beach clean Dundrum and Sleep over + realising I was ill, Wednesday sick but still went trick or treating with all the strength left in me, Thursday friend and Friday you will have to find out!!!!!!!!

So let’s start with Thursday, my Mum my Dad and I went to the awards ceremony were I was surprised that there were no kids there but later I realised that no other kids were there because my award was only against adults! When we arrived they took pictures of me with the men who run RePak  and we were standing next to the giant Pak Man! [by the way that was not my trophie]img_4752img_4751 Then we hung around until we were called to supper, and on everyone’s chair there was a gift bag and in the bag was two bottles of tonic water, crystal Galway glasses and a 100 euro cheque which I soon found out was fake and you could only use at the awsome casino!!!!! [ which I cashed in and lost everything]img_4749

As you can see I was hungry

img_4750img_4489Then the first big moment came the first award!!!!!!!!!!! I was terrified and so relived when I did not win but then to my surprise my name was called because I won a special award as they were happy with the work I was doing. It was so cool they called me onto the stage where they gave me a mini trophie and a gift card to Dundrum [ which my Mum described as agony because I have never been very good at shopping !!!!!] I was so happy and so surprised but mostly happy! we had supper but then I went outside where I found a mini basket ball pit roulette air hocky and many other fun games!img_4747 I finished supper first so I could go and play the games which I did and they were awesome. I went back inside after a while to hear who won the other awards which in case you were wondering I did not win but  the people who did were really happy which was nice, but saddly after that I had to go home because it was 11 and I had to get up at 7 to do the talk but the awards were so awesome!img_4748I got up at 7 really tiered so my Mum brought me sweets to keep me alive! I arrived and then we released before the big moment, I was both the youngest and the first on so I was a bit nervous but I got over it, I went out on stage and talked and after talking I went back and got  a lolly pop to suck because I was low on sugar. img_4535after a while it was the break so I ran to see my parents quickly but then I went back stage again. I sat down and listened to the next person talking but the problem was that the microphone and the sound had broken. At the end everyone was happy but no-one was celebrating because they were all to tired!2a80f755-3011-4330-bcca-11040bd591ab
The next day 4 out of ten of us went for a milk shake in Eddie Rockets which was fun.

On Wednesday I was a bit sick so I was on the sofa most of the day but at the end I went trick or treating with my friend and we dressed up as a Twix a delicious Twiximg_4701A couple of days ago I went on a short beach clean and I found the craziest thing EVER………. a security camera it was crazy 

Today the craziest thing happened I was watching TV and then my Mum called me and told me that there was 100000000000000000000000000000 little weird things on the beach so I came down with a bag and started cleaning and my Mum went to have a meeting with a lovely lady who is going to join the charity. On the beach there were loads of these tiny bits of micro plastic all over the beach but it was 100000 times worse than usual because they were long sharp and dangerous and there were so many of them that in 35 minutes I filled a whole bag with them photo 3When we were down there loads of people came to help and they were all awesome so thanks for helping !

It was so crazy that we ended up having to sweep it up instead with a dust pan and brush wich worked, I was down their for 4 hours and after the builders admitted it was them I left because I was to tired. The builders explained exactly what they use it for and apparently they mix it into the concrete. Everyone was down there for a long time and everyone was getting tired. It was a whole lot of work but I really think we made a small difference because there the beach looked a bit better!img_4740The pieces were so small that we needed a bruch to sweep them up so my Mum got one from home

photo 5One thing  that we did not know was that down there was a journalist so she asked us questions and tomorrow we are going to go back to the beach for a small photo shoot wich will be fun!photo 2photo 4img_4610img_4613img_4607img_4746img_4742img_4739


This weeks story is going to be scary its called ‘Put Me In A bIn’!!!

Once upon a time their was a man named Jimmy, Jimmy was a popular man everyone loved  him, and found him awesome. He only had one personality floor and that was littering, he loved it he would just throw rubbish everywhere until one day……….. This old woman called out to Jimmy and said ‘Please can you help me and put this plastic bottle in the bin’. Jimmy said yes but he did not do it the right way, instead he threw it on the beach.

Then when he got home there it was the bottle was in his kitchen! He didn’t care at first so he put the plastic bottle in the general waste bin, and then he went to the bathroom where to his surprise the bottle was back and it was next to his toothbrush so he flushed the bottle down the loo, he went to bed and there it was just on his bedside table, now he was a bit worried so he threw it out of his window and went to bed, he opened his book and there it was inside his book!!!!!!! He quickly put the bottle in a box and sent it to the North Pole. Now he could finally relax…………….. until he realised that IT WAS IN HIS BED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was terrified and did not know what to do so he ran outside hoping to bump into the old lady that he started to think was a witch!

He went to the beach and there she was.

‘Remove this spell witch’

‘WITCH’? She said in surprise. ‘Now why would I be a witch’?

He explained what was going on… and then she explained what she felt was the problem and how it was a mis-understanding [He hated recycling so he lived in his filth, and when you’re scared you notice things in a more terrifying way].Then she explained politely that ‘I AM NOT A WITCH STUPID MAN!!!!!’

So he went home happy to know that everything was fine and evil bottles don’t exist, but just in case now he re-cycles, cleans the beach, educateS children about plastic and loads more!

The End

This weeek something exciting happend…… We got a Bin Strap to try out and they look so cool, but sadly we have not been able to use them yest because of the crisis today, but we will have the bin straps on by next week to prove what a great invention they are….Thank you Mr Bin Strap!!!!img_4708This weeks video is very funny I saw it when I was looking at a video on the internet and I want to put it up because we found a bit of a fish on the beach and I think it might be part of this hope you like it

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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