YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here hope you all are having a great week so far. You are probably wondering why the title of this weeks blog is ‘ YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Well remember in one of my previous blogs I wrote that I was being entered for the Pakman awards and I was hoping I might win an award for beach cleaning [actually it has a smarter title than that, but i can’t remember what it is called] well I got an e-mail a couple of day ago saying that I have been short listed to the last 4!!! now just imagine the song ‘celebrate good times come on’, and I also realised that I am up against adults, I thought it was for kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway lets jump into the blog!

On Wednesday My Mum and I went on a short beach clean mostly to get the trolley out of the water [and to meet the rats again and we did!] sadly the tide was in too much again so we could not get it but we will next time, but when I say ‘can someone please come down and help us’, I really mean it!!img_4043 On the beach clean there was a bag in the water that every time I tried to get it, it would just float off further and further. In the end I could not get it because it was out way too far to paddle.

On the beach clean we found a good amount of things or more likely MICRO PLASTIC, it is crazy how much micro plastic there is,img_4044 I was watching a program with my Mum on Monday and it was so interesting it was called  ‘Drowning In Plastic’ on BBC1 and at one point in it they were getting these small cute birds that live on the beach and they were putting water in the bird’s mouth so the birds would be sick in a bucket but after they were sick you could see so much micro plastic in there vomit that had come from thir stomach!!!!!!!!!! 

There was so much micro plastic on the beach and so many spoons that my Mum brought some of the the spoons home because she wants to make something out of them so I gave her the idea to make a giant spoon out of tiny spoons!img_4051

On the beach we found a broken bit of net wich was perfect to wrap its self around a seals or a birds neck so instead I took a video of it! enjoy [but before you watch it you should no I did not rehearse I was just saying things that my brain could think of, hope you like it]

We found a lot of fishing line which I pretended was spaghetti because

  • There was so much of it on the beach
  • There was loads of different colours of them tangled up in one big ball
  • it looks like spaghetti and I was hungry that day 

                                                                 And here is a picture of itimg_4048My Mum when she was running found another building bag made out of plastic that the careless builders just had to throw away!!!!!!!img_3977

On Wednesday I got the magical e-mail telling me that I got into the top 4 which was so exciting so I came running down the stairs with the song ‘celebration’ on it was quite funny because my Mum and Dad said ‘what are you doing dancing in front of the TV’ then I told them and we all started to celebrate !!!!!!!!! Now I am excited because I am going to a Black Tie party to find out who won which is so, so, so exciting the only problem is I am rubbish at picking out clothes that do not clash, my Mum said my 4-year-old cousin is better than me which is harsh even if I know it is true by the way shout out to Indie my cousin with amazing fashion sense!!!!!!!!

This weeks story is called ‘The Bag No One Could Touch’

Once upon a time in a town called Eleasttar there was a bag that some careless dork put in the sea , people would pass it every day noticing it but they were not ‘noticing’ it until one day a man did the unthinkable he tried to pick it up but when he tried to, he could not do it! he put his hand in but nothing happend his hand fell right throw it, so he kept on trying and more people kept on watching until their was a huge group of people surrounding him trying to help but it was impossible it was just not working. The man decided to get scientists involved but even they could not explain it! Then one day he had an idea… this must be a clever bag that was playing tricks on him so he went around the corner to the other the beach and swam up behind the bag then he made another attempt to get the bag but as usual he failed and realised whilst he was failing he was also looking like an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE TRIED MANY THINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN but nothing worked until he gave up and instead got married and had kids but the reason why he was never able to get the bag was because the bag died of old age years ago, what he was trying to catch was the ghost bag!!

This weeks video is about those poor birds that have plastic in their stomach, it’s so sad.


          The End

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee



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  1. Jennie Flory says:

    I love this week’s story. xxxx


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