The Rat Chat

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you all are having a good week! If I really have to be honest not much has happened this week but there is still alot to talk about [or write about how do I keep making this mistake, and why am I writing about this when I could really just be rubbing it out, then again most people I have ever met say I talk too much, I am actually still annoyed with my friend for falling asleep on 3 seperate sleepovers becuase I was talking too much!] Anyway let’s get on with the blog! 

Today my Mum and I went on a beach clean because we were way too busy to do one on Sunday, I do sailing on Sundays and on this Sunday we did loads of cool motor boating and learning how to do a figure of 8 in reverse! Anyway on the beach clean we were on my Mum made a new best friend forever or should I really say a B.F.F. I will get to that a bit later any way we found: a toy police badge,

micro plastic,

img_3959So much loose plastic,

plastic bottles, non-stop micro plastic and more exciting still: a shopping trolley in the water and it was not broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [we could not get it out but next week we will if we get some help!]img_3955An umbrella [or should I really say a sea brella] Oh yes I forgot to mention I made an attempt of curling my hair!img_3962And a good amount more micro-plastic, all in 30 minutes!!img_3968img_3969When my Mum and I were on a beach clean we came a crosse a noisy seagull he obviously wanted us to take a picture of him so we simply said img_3973

and now you all get to see the beautiful baby seagull that probably had plastic in its stomach.img_3965This week my Mum went plogging which if you do not know what it is, it is where you run whilst picking up rubbish and you look so silly whilst doing it! My Mum found so much and it is so so cool how much she found, especially the bit of lawnmower [she said it was lucky the bit of lawnmower was there, because it helped her carry the rest of the rubbish she found, but she did fell silly running with it afterwards!]img_3912img_3900Weldon Mummyimg_3907Looks like my cat is in the back round little angel he even gives love scratches and bites! [here is a sweet photo of him]img_3972

On Tuesday my Mum and I met a nice women named Janie and she was helping with the Ted-X talk I am doing. She was cool and I have come along a bit with it, it is really great that I am one of the youngest Ted-X talkers not the youngest but still young and that is awesome! 

Now who would like to hear about my Mum’s friend well here it comes ………………A RAT!!!img_3971

YEP A RAT AND THE BEST PART IS MY MUM IS TERRIFIED OF RATS !!! Let me go back a bit. My Mum and I were on a beach clean then she tried to get the shopping trolley but before she was even a quarter way there I saw a rat playing around were she was working and it just kept on running around, when I told my Mum about it she started to get back as quickly as possible to safe ground, I was laughing then a bird poo’d  on me!!!

This weeks story is called ‘The Best Friend’ also known as ‘The B.R.F best rat forever’

Once upon a time there was a women named Harriet, Harriet hated rats so much! 

One day she was down at the beach relaxing on the big beautiful piles of rubbish that had built up… slowly a rat came up and stole her plastic fish sandwich she screamed and shouted but then the rat came back and gave half of her sandwich back, the half that he liked, [does this not sound wrong] then she realised that rats were not so bad so she brought loads of rats home with her . She let them eat her food, sleep in her bed or in her hair she pretty much let them do anything they wanted but she started to get sick very sick because of ALL THE RATS THAT LIVED WTH HER!!img_3975 

Then she realised something thanks to these rats her husband had left her with her daughter! So she got rid of all the rats and took them back to the horrible place they came from. Thankfully her husband came back and it was fine and everything was back to normal, the rats were happy too, because the rubbish had built up to a mountain at the beach…a rat’s dream!

The End 

This weeks video is sad experiment but cool in a sad way, I hope you like it

I hope you liked this weeks blog  bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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