The Oldest Pair Of Tights!

Hi everyone Flossie here hoping you are enjoying the lovely sun and the lovely sea to swim in, and the pretty flowers coming out of the ground properly now because the weather has been very funny but that is what I would like to call climate change it is just the earth telling you that it wants you to stop polluting and stop dropping your plastic in the sea. What we are all really doing is stealing our kids future by destroying their future so they can destroy their kids future and it goes on and on and on, but lets not get into all that because it is not my favourite thing to think about but I do just have to put it out there, or else I am not doing my job right of being someone who cares about the ocean. Anyway lets just jump right into the blog!!!!!

Today I am really happy because 3 friends: ‘Amelie, Juliet and Mathieu in my class at school heard about ‘March For The Oceans’ and how I am leading it for Ireland and they really wanted to help so they made some awesome posters for the march that they are hanging up in their neighbourhood. They are trying to bring loads of people which is so, so nice of them and I am so happy that the word finally is getting out to the kids in my class because in my school it only goes up to 5th class which means we are the oldest in the school, so I don’t expect the younger classes to be able to understand straight away when I am explaining about what I am doing. Anyway big thanks to Amelie, Juliet and Mathieu!!

As you have probably noticed last weeks blog was all about the seabins so in this blog I am still going to talk about the seabins but I will talk a lot more about other things which happened this week and last week and yet to come, but first the seabins.  The seabins are working fine and are collecting a lot of rubbish in the sea it is amazing and the 2 Australian people who created them are awesome people!!!!

This week my Mum and I found some things on the beach and one of these things will AMAZE you well here we go ; some goggles which were very dirty inside I could not even look through them but my Mum made it look a bit like an illusion with her phone as you can see in this pictureimg_1175What I thought was a crown but boy was I wrong img_1171Some seaweed which looks a bit like plastic but it is really just a nice piece of seaweed which just means try not to pick up sea weed and throw  it in the bin because it lives in the sea and that is were it belongs. img_1172And most importantly a Dunnes Stores tights packet, but wayyyyyy back from the old days ISN’T THAT AMAZING?!!! we found something which is old but we don’t know what year it’s from so if you know can you please tell me on my blog.


On Thursday I was on the chidren’s news on RTE2 and then the 6pm and 9pm news on RTE1 which was so cool and Joe who was asking the questions was very nice too which made it loads of fun

Today I was interviewed by a lovely lady  called Michelle who works for Woman’s Way magazine, she was interviewing me for the magazine which was fun and then during the week the top ladies magazine called ‘Image’ wrote about me on Facebook…

It’s all really amazing for me to believe!

During the week my mum showed me a horrific photo of a plastic bird not because it has plastic inside its body well I am sure it does but because it is wrapped in plastic… literally!!! It is so awful and so sad, it is showing us we might not see it every day but plastic is killing our animals and the world fast but we don’t get to always see it so we won’t get upset and if you look a bit closer at the bottom of the picture you can see the poor bird is standing on plastic and even more horrible things.img_1190

This is just a small reminder about the march which I want as many people as possible to come along to. 

This weeks story is gong to be about the king of the sea I am calling it ‘The Day The King Of The Sea Lost His Crown’ well lets get on with it shall we… 

Once upon a time their lived a king called: ‘King Plastik, Plastik’, he was 45 years old and he had a huge crown because he was the king of the sea and the sea is huge so he needed a huge crown but know one liked his crown because it was very weird.

King Plastik Plastik looked a bit like this… img_1215Yeah I know what you’re thinking, he looks old for 45?! Either way one day he took off his crown because his physiotherapist told him his crown was causing him all his headaches. So the king took off the crown to get rid of his headache for the day but when he when he went to put his crown back on it was nowhere to be seen! He searched his castle top to bottom but he couldn’t find it, so he sent out the royal guards to look for it in the sea but the royal guards could not find the crown anywhere!! The guards wanted to give up [but NO! They could not because if they gave up now they would not be worthy of having the title of the royal guards] and also they were all scared of the king when he was angry and he would definitely be angry with out his crown so they searched even more until they found a crown made out of plastic! they realised that the king would love a crown made out of that weird thing [ because the people who lived under the sea had never seen plastic before] So they brought the new crown to King Plastik Plastik and he screamed in rage that the royal guards did not bring him back his normal crown but then he really looked at the new crown and realised it was perfect, it was a crown fit for a real king and the king named the materials used to make the crown plastic with a c instead of a k. Oh yes you probably want to know were the kings real crown went well it floated up onto a beach where a young girl found it!!! 

The End

This weeks video is about  a man who went  scuba diving looking for fish and manta rays but instead found nothing but plastic and he was swimming in a place where it is supposed to have loads of manta rays… but instead he only found one and that is it .

I hope you guys liked this weeks blog… please come to my march I want to make it as big as possible bbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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