Hi everyone I seem to remember that I promised to tell you about a big thing. Well here it is…… I am making jewellery out of rubbish!!!

We got so much rubbish from Bullock Harbour on Saturday where it is terrible it is soooooooooo dirty.


We spent 2 hours cleaning up. And there was still loads of rubbish. But we did get loads of good things to make bracelets and necklaces.

On Saturday it is the grand national beach clean up


and today I told my entire school about it. And most of the children will try to make it.

Now let me tell you about our story on Dalkey Island.

Well there was 11 of us and the lovely boat man George would only take 6 at a time. IMG_7383So 7 of us went on the boat, 5 kids two of them where a little bit young but together they made one adult… don’t panic we did not break the law so back to the story we were on the boat and then when we made it the boat hit a rock!!! we all thought it was fine but it wasn’t because we were stranded, George made it back safely but every one on land had no way to come over because the waves were crazy so no boat wanted to go except Ken the ferry man



so he came over and saved us all and that is how it all happened on Dalkey Island, but by the way Dalkey Island is still dirty and we’ll need more people to go out there and help clean again!

Well that is all see you all next time Xxxxx

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