It’s my Birthday!!!!!!

It’s my Birthday!!!!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are all having a fantastic and incredible week so far! I am really excited because tomorrow is my Birthday and I am so excited I am turning 12! But besides all that I had an amazing time on Friday which I can’t wait to tell you all so lets jump right into it! BUT before we do that I just want to say this weeks blog might be a bit short because I am a bit sick!
On Friday I woke up  very early and I made my way to Foxrock church near to my old school where I met the lovely Bonnie and Sue who were the incredible camera people from RTE who were shadowing me all day on Friday! they wired so that I had a microphone attached to me for the day, then we met up with all the kids from my old school and we marched to the school where I was meant to give a speech in french which I did do but I only did it to some junior infants because sadly the kids got confused and went inside way too early! but it was still good and awesome to be back in my old school which I do miss!
[wpvideo azQ0ATS3]
After that we went back to my house to grab some water but………………. Bonnie asked about my Birthday and then my Mum all of a sudden and accidently said out loud what she got me fo my Birthday which…………….. …………………………….is kind of funny if you think about it!!!!! After that we went to the school I am in at the moment and I striked with them for an hour and whilst we were striking I screamed too much and got a sore throat so we went to a really good environmental coffee shop obviously I had water and not coffee!!!! img_7946When we fished regenerating we went to the one the only CLIMATE CHANGE STRIKE!!!!!img_7955 We arrived and we jumped into the crowd, then we decided it was too dangerous so stayed on the pavement for safety!img_7958which was useful because I was being interviewed at midday live on News Talk for a quick chat as a kid at the Rally! we pushed are way to the front of the march so I was able to get ready to be on stage togive my talk to the crowd and whilst I was up there I bumped into one of my sailing instructors who was also giving a talk and he did really well! I felt quiet bad at one point because half of the speakers were trapped within everyone in the crowd and they couldnt get to the stage I didn’t stay for the whole thing  as my Mum and the camera crew didn’t think it was safe to join the crowd again…there were some crazy teenagers!!!img_7958-1img_7951-1I went on stage and only when I was up there I realised how many people were there, apparently it was 11,000 people which for some reason did not make me scared, mostly because I knew I could say anything as long as I talked about stopping plastic!!!img_7979
[wpvideo NBsygcqK]
Afer my speech I got to talk to the minster for the environment ‘Richard Bruton” on what he is going to do about plastic pollution in Ireland and I got a picture with him!img_7962img_7964 We said goodbye to Bonnie and Sue and went to one last event the event with all the Mums and Dads in a local school, the school weren’t allowing the kids to strike so the parents asked if I would meet them after school!  img_7972 After alllllllllllllllll of that I went home and fell asleep!!!! So that was my peaceful Friday!!!!!
On Wednesday I had a cold but I still spoke at St Michael’s Boys School which I really enjoyed! The boys all had questions and I spoke to 3 classes I was meant to talk to 4 but I did not feel the best saddly which was annoying so for the last class the teachers squished in with 2 classes together so I did talk to them just in a small space! It was quiet funny when I arived in the school one of the younger kids whilst coming back from break said queit loudly ‘Why is there a girl here?’ which my Mum and I thought was quiet funny! Thank you St Micheals for having me I really enjoyed it!img_8045A couple of days ago my Mum my Dad and I all went to this really awesome sustainability shop in Blackrockimg_8011 and they were selling such cool thigs for example they were selling environmentally friendly tooth past which is good for my teeth and it has no plastic in which is great! We also found these really cool baby milk bottles that my Mum fell in love with!img_8010
This weeks story is called ‘The Under Water Super Market’
Once a long, long time ago under the sea, everything was always perfect everything except that one minor tiny thing, There were no supermarkets for anyone to shop in! Everyone who lived under the water wanted nothing more then to go somewhere where they could buy everything they need and not just go to tiny stalls where they can only buy one of their desired items! But then one day a clever fish called Norman came along and had a plan, a plan that would change the under water world! He would build his own supermarkets and he would have supplies from all of the stalls in the sea so that people can go to one place! First he spoke to many people who had a stall and he told them his Idea but they all said
I don’t know
Then Norman said
You get 50 % of all of your items that are sold
But what Norman forgot was that they were fish, and there brains were as big as a grape. they all said
Then Norman said
You get money if you sign here, here and here
Now Norman had everything he just needed to get the word out and he did that by getting a microphone and screaming

I am selling  loads of things in one shop

Then one of the fish said
We can’t hear you
then Norman said 
Oh sorry

Is this better! I am selling everything in one place, come now and you get 50% off everthing you buy!!!!!

Suddenly everyone rushed in to buy everyhing they all needed so much! And That is how Norman changed everyone’s life and also how he sold loads of plastic 50% off which was not good for the sea but great for anyone who bought it…..OH DEAR NORMAN!!!
The End!
This week’s video is about a school in South America that is built out of plastic bottles …My Mum wants to help schools abroad where there is a plastic river do this!
I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!

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  1. Loved this week’s story Floss. An exhausting few days I am sure but a brilliant effort on your part. xxxx

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