Hi everyone Flossie here and today we have so much to talk about including the new amazing ……………………. Well you will just have to wait and see…
Alright everyone it’s time to get excited because this time next week is our school strike and it is going to be so, so awesome and I cannot wait so it’s time to make banners come up with some cool chants and try to get everyone in your school really, really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! img_7126 it will be so amazing and if you can get your school or whoever is striking to wear something green like in America everyone in one school wore a geen armband so we can wear: a green hair band, we can paint are cheeks green, we can wear green necklaces or green trousers or anything you can think of, and remember we may be kids but we can make a difference, even if you’re the only one striking outside your school it’s the fact your doing it and that you care about the environment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright it’s time to tell you where my friend Anna and I went on Wednesday…………………………..Explorium, this place has loads to do with climate change and it was so, so, so,so, so much fun we were there for 3 hours and it still wasn’t enough time…it’s in Sandyford and it was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got to see lightning in a room and it was incredible and really loud but mostly amazing!!!!!img_7199And the staff there were lovely and were really funny even when they were explaining what was happening !img_7197And then we got to draw a picture of a sea animal which was ok…………………

Until they uploaded it onto a screen were it could swim


Mine is the rainbow dolphin

We got to see what it would be like to be a bee collecting pollen from flowers. It was a competion [that I won] to see who could collect the most pollen in one minute. It was really weird having something coming out of the helmet you were wearing!!!!!!img_7202We also got to do this memory game which Anna one every time, and I decided it was a silly game because I kept on losing! until I decided just to run through it!!!!!!!img_7200
We also played a couple of speed games and in one of them Anna beat me by one single silly point! it was really cool we had to run from one end to the other and see how many times you could press the buzzer before the clock runs out!img_7194
When we went to the optical illusion part we got to take some awesome photos and my Mum felt really sick when she walked into the gravity room with us  which really tricked your mind into thinking you were one way when you were actually the other way it’s hard to explain so you will probably have to go to see for yourselves!!!!! and Anna and I managed to high five each other whilst sitting down [and did I not mention I grew taller than Anna in 5 seconds]
And Anna and I made a movie trailer with real green screens and everything

Saddly at one point Anna and I fell upside-down!!!!
img_7214-1And my Mum did a hand stand on the looimg_7213And I got to have a nice soothing sleep………………………………

On a bed of nails

And I got to go on a hamster wheel which powerd the lights on the wheel, it was really fun but really hard to stop after you get going!
img_7224It was so much fun Thank you so much for having us and everyone please go if you want to have loads of fun!!!!!!!!img_7220Did I mention on the way home we got awesome glasses that made all lights look like rainbows!!!!!!!!!!img_7226
This week we went on a short beach clean with a younger boy from my school and we found: one ear plug, urine in a container, a thing you put in your pockets to keep your hands warm and it had black goo leaking out of it!img_7234img_7233and a few bits more!img_7237
This weeks story I was a bit too tired to write which means my story will be better next week!!!!!!!! but instead you get to see this picture of a seal with fishing rope around its head, but don’t worry because if we work together we can save it and all of its friends!!!!!!!img_7111This weeks video comes from the movie The Lorax and it is a climate change song, and the song is really funny I really hope you like it!!!!

Before I sign out I just want to say my Mum has managed to make a save the date invite for the ball we are having to launch the charity, I really hope you can go it is going to be really fun!!!!!!

Thank you so much hope you liked my blog sorry about the story bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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